Announcing Apache2::AuthPAM

I’ve been working on a mod_perl2 based admin interface for a pool of Gofer servers recently.

I needed to secure it and PAM plus SSL was the simplest way to go.

The Authen::PAM module is old (2005), doesn’t have good reviews, and the test results are poor, but it worked for us.

That just left the question of how to interface with Apache 2. There’s an Apache::AuthPAM module but that’s even older (2002), has more failing test reports than passes, and was mod_perl 1 only.

I emailed the author but got no reply so I’ve gone ahead and hacked it into a new module for mod_perl2: Apache2::AuthPAM. The source code is hosted by google.

Realistically I’m unlikely to touch it again, unless we find problems, so I’d be delighted if anyone wants to take it over, or even just co-maintain it.