Dopplr vs Tripit

When arranging trips I used to manually enter the main details (dates, times, confirmation numbers, hotel addresses and phone numbers etc.) into iCal and forward confirmation emails to my wife so she’d have a copy if she needed them.

Then I discovered Tripit. Now I simply forward confirmation emails as they arrive to – something I could easily automate. My iCal automatically sync’s with a feed from tripit that has much more information than I’d ever enter manually, including links back to for the full details. That then syncs to my iPhone so the information is always at hand. Perfect, and perfectly simple.

As I’ve found the service very useful over many months and many trips, I recently sent tripit invites to a bunch of people, mainly Perl folk. Many joined. A few pointed out that they already used dopplr and wondered if tripit was the same. I didn’t know, so I took a look.

I signed up with dopplr and was happy to see that, like tripit, I could forward confirmation emails to dopplr. So I forwarded the flight and hotel emails for my upcoming London Perl Workshop trip. Just like tripit, dopplr parsed the emails and worked out I was making a flight from Shannon to London and staying in a hotel in London.

That was all it did, though. It hadn’t noted my confirmation codes, flight times, hotel address. It had remembered nothing that would be useful to me.

All it had done was noted that I’d be in the same city as a few other people I know who use dopplr. tripit does that, but also let’s me control who sees which trips and who can collaborate with me on trips.

I did a quick search and found another review that reached a similar conclusion. It seems that dopplr are better at publicity, but tripit has the features I find genuinely useful.

To give it tripit a whirl, all you need to do is forward some recent confirmation emails to – you don’t even need to signup first.

6 thoughts on “Dopplr vs Tripit

  1. Thank you for the invite. I had a dopplr account already, but hadn’t found it very useful. TripIt, however, does what I want a travel tool to do, provide an online version of the folder of paperwork I take with me to remember which shuttles, airplanes, buses, taxis, hotels, etc. I’m supposed to be using on the trip. I didn’t know about the plan email address, but I’m going to look into that, sounds nifty. Cheers.

  2. I was using TripIt for a while, but found it couldn’t handle about half of the formats I was throwing at it. They might have improved that, but they had a lot of trouble with the European airlines and didn’t handle any trains, as I recall. If I can’t have all my data in one place, there was no point in me having it in any service. Now I just send stuff to my phone. :)

  3. I have just discovered Tripit, and recently received an invite to doppir and was curious about the difference. Thank you as my initial look at doppir suggested it wouldn’t add any more value than Tripit. I love Tripit.

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