Polishing NYTProf

I released Devel::NYTProf 3.0 almost three months ago, on Christmas Eve.

Since then a few point releases have accumulated some changes and features worth mentioning:

  • Jan Dubois contributed portability fixes for Windows and 64bit configurations. NYTProf should now run well on most, if not all, Windows configurations with recent versions of perl.
  • Markus Peter contributed a sub-microsecond timer for Mac OS X. It yields the same 100ns resolution used on systems with POSIX realtime clocks.
  • Nicholas Clark has contributed a huge amount of work recently, including many optimizations and a major refactoring of I/O.
  • Nicholas’s nytprofmerge utility is now significantly faster as a result of those changes. He’s also fixed a bunch of edge cases. If you’re generating multiple profile data files and would like to merge them into a single report, nytprofmerge is now a very effective tool.
  • I fixed the usecputime=1 option as it was broken in several ways. It’s still of limited value and the docs now explain that more clearly.
  • I’ve also added a section to the docs to explain how to make NYTProf faster. For those rare cases where the performance impact of profiling is a problem.
  • Assorted crashing bugs and odd behaviors in edge cases (like goto &sub out of an AUTOLOAD being called for a DESTROY in perl <5.8.8) have been fixed. NYTProf now also behaves more sanely with multiplicity and threads (although it still can't actually profile multiple threads or interpreters).
  • The Devel::NYTProf::PgPLPerl module has been removed and the code moved to a separate PostgreSQL::PLPerl::NYTProf distribution.
  • One little UI tweak worth noting is that sortable tables now show a little arrow in the heading of the sorted column. If you didn’t know that you could click most column headings to sort by that column, hopefully the arrow will act as a visual reminder.

The only thing I’m likely to work on soon is the handling is string evals. They’re mostly hidden in the reports now. I need to improve that to make PostgreSQL::PLPerl::NYTProf actually useful. So that’s pretty much bound to happen sometime between now and my speaking at PGcon in May.

Meanwhile, if you’re not using Devel::NYTProf 3.11, upgrade!

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